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News of american economy. (Sorry! This is a name of very popular russian blog!)

 No doubt any news about USA, especially about this country's economy and politics are always among the most favorite topics on russian blogosphere. Specificially - bad news. The more absurdity the more people are attracted. For example - yesterday's information by government's TV channel Vesti hunger striking almost whole country USA made a big splash and hundreds users from Russia copied it into their journals and communities. The most amazing piece of report on the top of - lot of people are barely alive because of hunger was "foodstamps cover only 1 box of grains, canned foods and some green vegetables 1 time a month.."

  Such an approach emulate of course approach of dead communist party and need to create impression nothing is too bad in life of ordinary folks outside S.-Petersburg and Moscow comparing to the west, but there is something new in this. Because of insidous enemy hides not only in real space, but in virtual one too some decisions were made to prevent russian bloggers to fall into traps of disgusting capitalists.

  This is why my friend log2stas created his remarkable blog "News of american economy" visited daily by hundreds LJ users. The main idea of his almost daily narratives - US economy is on life support long ago. Hyperinflation going to be as soon as in 2010 spring and nothing can save it. People are very trustfull to Stas. He considered as very smart economic geek in russian web-communities and publishes some articles in ukranian sites also. He is employee of some local bank in Pensilvania.

  Take in account сommon opinion in Russia - any person who hold a job in banking system including customer service clerk or cash teller is to be as well informed in financial problems country of residency as Alex Ovechkin informed in NHL problems (or at least as Igor Olshansky awared of NFL problems).
Around half year ago while index DJ was very low Stas confidently predicted collaps DJ before long. After it didn't happened Stas started to describe this phenomenon as a bubble and promised it bursts until the end of 2009.

  Then he changed his mind again and simply put - DOL is lying. Think about explained he to some distrustful readers. Unemployment in US is climbing up. If some body shop with 10 employees fixed yearstuday 20 cars and fired today 2 workers it means it can only fix no more than 16. Poor guy, probably, never heard about not such a thing as labor productivity but also nor Stalin's Hero coalminer Alexey Stakhanov , who during the shift managed to dig out as much coal everyday alone as 14 other his camrades.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to remind him about that, 'cause my friend Stas banned me long ago for such kind of questions. Keep in mind in many russian blogs there is a rule whoever tried to argue with owner of journals
schould be consider as a troll and consequently expelled from "discussion" (I think this rule isn't applied for non-russian speaking bloggers.)

  Recently, Stas surprized me even more. In his 1-st new year blog he wrote down the very incredible thing I ever heard. I want copy it and then translate in english. Три года назад в США было три национальных розничных сети по продаже электроники Circuit City, Best Buy и Comp USA. Comp USA разорилась ещё в 2007 году, а Circuit City в марте прошлого года. Не удивительно, что продажи Best Buy последней оставшейся сети выросли в декабре на 10%. It reads - "Three years ago there were only 3 (three!!!!!!) retail electronic stores in USA Circuit City, Best Buy and Comp USA. Comp USA was liquidated in 2007, Circuit Citi in march last year. No wondering Best Buy had increased selling in december for 10%"!!!!!!!

  Wow!!! No on-line sales even mentioned (probably because on-line sales in Russia comprised meager part of whole sales). But what about Office Depot, Wal-Mart, Staples, Target and pretty much other big supermarkets, nothing say for thousands of small stores???!!! In fact, "only alive electronic store Best Buy" still in function in 4 states. Smart guy, isn't he? I would be ecxited if somebody attempts to discuss some economy issues with this geek…

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