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Welcome back, Peacetraveler!!
I worked for 2 months in rural infection’s hospital in Andijan area in 1987. The same place where the war between Uzbeks and Tajiks took place couple years after.

I was sent there by an executive order of the Health ministry of the USSR. This was one of the absurdity of totalitarian regime because the order read for local departments of health had to send 2 best pediatricians from each region of the Russia itself to such soviet republics where the children mortality was very high with the purpose to teach the local doctors how to fight dangerous ilnesses. I was young doctor then and had not too much experience in fighting the infections. And I wound up to be taught myself by uzbek’s doctors instead of me teaching them.

Probably the local officials figured out those guys (2 doctors and 2 nurses) from each region is actually destined to go to Afghanistan. Then was usual practice to tell people you going to Uzbekistan, but from there they would transferred to Afghanistan. They chose me as expendable, second doctor was volunteer.

There was big kishluck (the village in uzbek or tajik) where both tajiks and uzbeks lived. We got 2 wonderful bunch of friends, one party from uzbek’s part of the village and second one from tajik’s. Unfortunately those ethnic sides didn’t like too much each other. Every day somebody invited us to celebrate something or just go to chaihana to relax (local cafe usually on the ground with no doors and roof) where prople drink green tee, but for us the vodka and wine were also served.

Some incidents spoiled the perfect attitude of people in Uzbekistan.
Firstly one of our nurses was almost raped by one of the patient from surgery department who was recuperated from wounds he sustained in Aphganistan. He was very drunk and because the nurse smiled once to him he believed she wants to make love with him.
Second incident happened already in airport in Andijan were ethnically Russian flight attendant tried to remove me from aircraft because my seat was occupied her male friend. Thank to this guy he was honest man and himself left the plane in spite she asked him to stay.
Also Uzbekistan was a very corrupted country in then.

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