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//Это неправда фактически. Нью Йорк и Сан Франциско богаче всех//
20 самых богатых городов США:

20. Paradise Valley, Arizona — The town is close to Phoenix and is the hometown of the actors Emma Stone and Dick Van Dyke, with an average income of $300,521.

19. Rumson, New Jersey — Rumson has shot up the rankings this year. The area climbed a staggering 19 places with an average income of $303,542.

18. Westport, Connecticut — Climbing one place this year, Westport is situated on the Long Island Sound and the state's Gold Coast. It has an average income of $304,439.

17. University Park, Texas — University Park, a suburb of Dallas, maintains its ranking from 2018. It's home to Southern Methodist University and has an average income of $304,898.

16. Great Falls, Virginia — Within commuting distance of the District of Columbia, Great Falls is also — perhaps unsurprisingly — close to Great Falls Park with excellent views of the Potomac River. The town has fallen two places this year and has an average income of $309,599.

15. Larchmont, New York — This coast-hugging town is in Westchester County and is home to the "Black Swan" event author Nicholas Nassim Taleb. Larchmont has risen nine places in this year's ranking and has an average income of $313,586.

14. West University Place, Texas — Dropping three places in this year's ranking to 14th place is West University Place, Texas. A suburb of nearby Houston, the town has an average income of $330,459.

13. Winnetka, Illinois — The setting of the much-loved Christmas movie "Home Alone," Winnetka stays in 13th place in the 2019 rankings, with an average income of $331,231.

12. Old Greenwich, Connecticut — Old Greenwich dropped five places in this year's ranking, but the coastal town is still one of the richest places in the US. It has an average income of $336,692.

11. The Village of Indian Hill, Ohio — Located in Hamilton County, Ohio, the Village of Indian Hill is a suburb of nearby Cincinnati and has an average income of $338,267.

10. Glencoe, Illinois — Sat on the north shore of Chicago on Lake Michigan about 25 miles from the city is Glencoe. One of the biggest climbers in the rankings for 2019, after placing 15th last year, the town has an average income of $339,883.

9. Bronxville, New York — About 15 miles from Manhattan, Bronxville has fallen a place in the 2019 rankings. The Westchester County town has an average income of $340,448.

8. Darien, Connecticut — Climbing two places from 2018, Darien has an average income of $341,090. The leafy town on the Long Island Sound boasts 11 parks and has easy public transport links to Manhattan.

7. Highland Park, Texas — Just 4 miles north of downtown Dallas, Highland Park is an affluent suburb of the city with an average income of $358,994 for 2019. It's also the hometown of Claire Underwood, the fictional president of the United States in "House of Cards."

6. Short Hills, New Jersey — Not far from New York City, Short Hills was pipped to fifth place by Hillsborough, California, in 2019. With an average income of $367,491, the town is the only representative from New Jersey in the top 10.

5. Hillsborough, California — Climbing one place from last year is Hillsborough. With an average income of $373,128, the notoriously hilly neighborhood is only 17 miles from San Francisco.

4. Los Altos Hills, California — Located in Silicon Valley and home to tech giants such as the Google cofounder Sergey Brin and the Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Los Altos Hills has an average income of $386,174.

3. Cherry Hills Village, Colorado — The Denver suburb is home to former NFL quarterback John Elway. A short ride from some of the best skiing America has to offer, the town has an average income of $394,259.

2. Scarsdale, New York — Just a short train ride from New York City, Scarsdale's average annual household income is $417,335. Famous residents include Daniel Och, the founder of the hedge fund Och-Ziff Capital Management.

1. Atherton, California — Home to tech executives such as Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg and Google's Eric Schmidt and just a short ride from Palo Alto and San Francisco, Atherton has an average household income of a staggering $450,696. The town is No. 1 for the third year in a row.

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